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<span>I want to learn more about you and gain an understanding of your dreams, goals and tolerance for risk.&#160;</span>

I want to learn more about you and gain an understanding of your dreams, goals and tolerance for risk. 

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.  We are an independent insurance agency helping you find financial risk mitigation solutions customized to meet your needs.

Common Questions

Where are you located and what is your contact information?

7800 Cooper Road

Cincinnati, OH 45242


Who do you work with?

For Retirement Planning:

As my background has been focused on annuities for 25 Years, I generally work with individuals who are retired or within 15 Years of their projected retirement.  Investment planning and retirement income planning are not the same thing.  My practice was originally developed for the purpose of helping people discover options available for retirement income. That means considering income, asset protection, potential growth, tax and estate planning considerations and the guidance to learn ways to make more informed financial decisions on your own. Annuities & Retirement - Click to Learn More

We also work with small business owners to help provide valuable retirement benefits for themselves as well as their associates.  A fully insured defined benefit plan is a retirement plan that provides guaranteed retirement benefits to the owners and employees of a company. As with all defined benefit plans, the employer makes annual contributions to the plan to reach a funding target.

These plans are funded exclusively with annuities or a combination of annuities and whole life insurance to create a guaranteed retirement income benefit. Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plans - Click to Learn More

For Life Insurance Planning:

People at various stages of life may be able to benefit from the creative uses of life insurance.  Insurance transfers the financial risk of life's events from you to an insurance company and a sound insurance strategy can help protect your family from the financial consequences of those events. When positioned properly, the benefit from a life insurance policy can provide a steady stream of income for your family or provide the liquidity needed to satisfy estate taxes and other obligations. Life Insurance Planning - Click to Learn More

How much insurance industry experience do you have?

I have 25 Years of experience in the insurance industry.  I entered the business in 1997, after graduating from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio.  After working from the ground up on the corporate side of the business and ultimately spending 20 Years coaching, mentoring and training financial professionals on retirement planning and annuity strategies, I decided to branch out on my own to start an independent practice dedicated to helping individuals, families and small businesses protect their income, asset and legacy needs.

What products and services do you offer?

I am not an investment manager nor am I a tax advisor.  I am an insurance agent licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri and California.  Solutions that I offer are, life insurance, fixed annuities, individual and group fixed indexed annuities, small business defined benefit plans, homeowner's insurance, auto insurance and business insurance.  As an independent agency, we have the ability to work with several highly rated carriers to help meet your needs.

Do you work with more than one insurance company?

Yes, as an independent agency, we have the ability to search multiple highly rated companies to find the solution that fits your needs.

Do you charge a fee for your services?

I do not charge fees for insurance and annuity consulting services.  As an insurance agent, I am paid a commission by the insurance carrier when a client selects a product to use within their financial strategy.  Even though my practice does not charge fees, my goal is to provide educational & consultative services as that is what I have been doing since 1997.  Some of the riders offered on life insurance and annuity contracts are available for an additional charge, determined by the individual insurance company.

What licenses and/or credentials do you hold?

Since 1999, I have been a resident agent of Ohio, licensed to offer life & disability insurance as well as fixed & fixed indexed annuities.  After holding my Series 6 (limited securities license) for over 20 Years, in 2021 I decided to forgo the use of my variable license to focus solely on fixed and fixed indexed products.  I am a Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS™) as well as a Life Underwriter Council Training Fellow (LUTCF®).   Life insurance and annuities offered in OH, KY, IN, WI, MN, MO & CA.

I am also licensed in the State of of Ohio to offer Property & Casualty insurance.

Ohio Department of Insurance - Agent Information

IBF - Certified Annuity Specialist Designation

NAIFA - LUTCF Designation

What is your process?

We use a simple but unique approach to creating a risk management plan that is customized to your needs.  The first meeting is always about getting to know you, understanding your needs and answering any questions that you may have.  If you decide to move forward as a client, I generally employ 5 step process:

Review Your Plans and Goals

Identify Vulnerabilities

Educate & Enable

Implement Your Plan

Monitor & Serve

How often will we communicate?

My mission is built around building long-lasting relationships that are centered in transparency, trust and understanding.  While it is my hope that I become a trusted advisor to you, at a minimum we will meet once annually to review your plans and make any needed adjustments.  Every client is provided with my cell phone number and I will remain available to you as needed.  

Are you available for both face to face and virtual meetings?

Certainly!  While my preference is always to meet in person, I recognize that in today's World, that is not always a possibility.  I am available to meet in person or I can generate a link and send you a calendar invitation for a virtual meeting.

Do you have a Newsletter or Blog?

Yes.  I created a blog for the purpose of taking financial concepts that can often be confusing and present them in a way that is easier to understand.  I regularly post timely topics pertaining to risk transfer solutions, stories and case studies that I hope you will find to be informative and educational.  The case studies are for general information purposes only and do not constitute the offer of sale of any certain product.  Terms and conditions do change and each carrier that we partner with will set their own guidelines.

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Where can I follow you on social media?

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Do you have a disclosure page?

In additional to the disclosure information at the bottom f every page on this site, a link to the disclosure page can be found HERE

James D. Orr - CAS, LUTCF

James D. Orr - CAS, LUTCF

My first priority is helping you find solutions to protect yourself, your family and your assets. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of my 25 Year career.

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